About MA SES

The MA program “Studies in European Societies” was launched at the Faculty of Sociology of Saint-Petersburg State University in 2004. More than 100 students have already graduated from the program. Today, MA SES is a part of an educational track “International Sociology”.

Our interdisciplinary program is particularly attractive for those who are interested in the current development of the European countries, including the Europeanization of the politics, European market system transformation, changes in the social structures of the European states, cultural differentiation in Europe, etc. The curriculum is sensitive to the challenges faced by today’s European society: the pressure of globalization processes, the increasing economic and political interdependence of the nation States, the problems of European integration and the EU expansion, the rapidly growing migration flows.

Our students perform comparative research in various European regions and get successfully involved in the international professional academic networks.

The MA SES courses are fully taught in English. The program requires full-time attendance and lasts for two years.  The curriculum includes more than 30 compulsory and elective courses devoted to the political, economic, social and cultural life of the European countries, also covering modern sociological theories, quantitative and qualitative research methodology and the basis of effective professional communication.

MA SES students’ opportunities:

  • Studying in the international team of teachers and students.
  • St.Petersburg State University MA diploma is complemented by the international certificate of the Bielefeld University.
  • The European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS).
  • Winter school in Bielefeld and other German cities for all the first-year students of the program.
  • Research internship in Europe. Students’ internships take place in big European research centres and international organizations, such as: the Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels; Institute of migration studies, Helsinki; the Centre for Democracy Studies, Zürich; Board of Trade, Gent; European Centre of Public Law, Athens; universities of Berlin, Jena, Paris and other European cities.
  • Semester academic exchange in the European universities. Today our students study at Bielefeld, Magdeburg, Hannover, Hamburg, Helsinki, Santiago de Compostela and other European universities.
  • Proceeding with academic career in the best European universities. Currently our graduates have entered PhD programs of Oxford University, Free University of Berlin, University of Warsaw, St.Petersburg State university, the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow), etc.
  • Employment in the international administrations and business structures. Our graduates got their jobs in such organizations as the OSCE, Gazprom-Oil, the Federal telecommunications Commission of Mexico, etc.