About MA SES

“Studies in European Societies” (MA SES) – is a master program fully taught in English, run at the Faculty of Sociology of Saint Petersburg State University, Russia in cooperation with Bielefeld University, Germany and support by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Centre for German and European Studies (Saint Petersburg State University – Bielefeld University).

More than 110 students graduated from the Program since it was launched in 2004.

What is MA SES?

  1. Possibility to conduct multidisciplinary comparative studies discovering the Russian-European space and using English-language resources of St Petersburg State University, the oldest university in Russia.
  2. Highly qualified international teachers from Bielefeld University, St. Petersburg State University, University of Magdeburg and other European higher schools.
  3. Internationally recognized dual-language diploma of St. Petersburg State University supplemented by an international certificate from Bielefeld University, Germany.
  4. Numerous opportunities for getting involved in the international professional and academic networks available in the large European city: research mobility, internships, schools and workshops.
  5. Welcoming international atmosphere in a group that blends European, Russian and Asian students, enabling international friendship ties and professional contacts around the globe.
  6. Possibility to learn more about Russian culture in the heart of St. Petersburg — the second largest and the most European of Russian cities, World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2017. The programme features various extracurricular activities aimed at studying Russian culture and language, St. Petersburg’s architectural sites, and academic tradition of St. Petersburg State University.

MA SES covers the issues of current development of the European countries, such as Europeanization of the politics, European market system transformation, structural changes in European societies, migration and cultural policies in Europe.

The curriculum includes more than 30 compulsory and elective courses devoted to the political, economic, social and cultural life of the European countries.

The best MA theses of MA SES students are published in ‘CGES Working Papers‘.

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