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Each student of the master’s degree program ‘Studies in European Societies’ is required to undertake a research internship in a Russian or international research centre, political organization, NGO or enterprise. Usually, students take over the task of looking for a suitable internship place accounting for their research interests and career ambitions. Their scientific supervisors as well as the DAAD visiting lecturer would help them in this search. Working as interns for several weeks, students obtain valuable professional experience and at the same time collect data for their master’s theses.


Students’ feedbacks

‘As I’m doing my MA research in the field of urban studies, I decided to join the group ‘What is the shared future of the cities of Europe? Urbanism, urban development and justice’. Under the guidance of two practicing urbanists and lecturers of the Technical University of Munich Dorothee Rummel and Mark Michaelli, we went into the city streets and fulfilled different tasks every day. We spent the whole week doing sketches, calculations, measurements and scales. The mileage we have mastered in these days, speaks for itself: we got over 480 kilometers for 11 members of the research team! At the moment it is difficult to imagine how our project will end up in September, at the final meeting of the workshops in Paris, but for now I can say for sure: during the first working week I was lucky not only to meet highly professional colleagues, but also to find new friends among them: the enthusiastic and bright-eyed people that are really trying to change the world for the better!’                                                                                                                                       (Marina Novikova)

‘Due to the highest professional competence of KVPS employees and their incredible openness, I have been able to collect valuable empirical material for my study dedicated to the ways of interaction between state bodies and nonprofit charitable organizations under the conditions of austerity policy. An entire month in Tampere, one of the key cities of Finland, gave me a lot of opportunities for business meetings, travelling, recreation, new acquaintances and vivid impressions. I would like warmly to thank the head and the employees of MA SES, Bielefeld University and the Centre for German and European Studies for financing and coordinating my internship!’                                                                                                                                               (Aleksandr Bugrovsky)