Dr. Lyudmila Kuznetsova

St. Petersburg State University

Course(s) taught in the MA program SES:

Effective professional communication  (Part 1,2)

Methods of Teaching Sociology at University Level

Scientific Research Technique and Scientific Discourse


Description of the course:

Effective Professional Communication
The objective of the course is to enable students to communicate effectively in situations when they have to resort to the English language as a medium of professional communication. Students learn to use academic vocabulary, style, grammar structures appropriately and consistently in written and oral speech.

Technical Aspects of Research and Scientific Discourse
The major task of the course is to prepare students for organising their research work and writing their master’s degree dissertations, adhering to the standards and principles of this type of academic activity – identifying the focus and scope of their research project, reviewing relevant literature, structuring the dissertation, etc.

Methodology of Teaching Social Science at University Level
The course is aimed to prepare students for teaching practice, involving them in discussion of modern pedagogical principles and concepts – leaner autonomy, critical thinking, problem-based learning among others.

Current research interest:
Teaching methodology

Selected publications:

  • ESP Teacher Development Course, British Council, Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005 (co-authored)
  • Red Tape from Red Square: Bureaucratic Commentary in Soviet Graphic Satirical Art, ASPA, Rutgers, USA, 2010 (co-authored)
  • Academic English for Students of Social Science, Saint-Petersburg State University, 2013 (co-authored)
  • pending in 2014: English for Academics, Book 1. British Council, Cambridge University Press