Dr. Margit Fauser

Bielefeld University

Course(s) taught in the MA program SES:
Changing European Identities within and beyond the Nation State

Description of the course
The course ‘Changing European Identities within and beyond the Nation State’ deals with the socio-political identities of citizens in Europe. It introduces students to classical work and current debate in the study of socio-political identity as a constitutive element of political community. With the emergence of nation states, nationalism and national identity have become the major principle of political organization in Europe since the late 18th century. In this process, other (national, ethnic, religious, linguistic etc.) identities became marginalized or superimposed by one dominant ‘state identity’ and newly ‘invented traditions’ gained momentum. Today, globalization, European integration, and various social and political transformations to a great extent associated with international migration, are (again) challenging this notion of national identity. At the same time, new nationalisms can today be observed in Western Europe’s established democracies as well as Eastern European and ex-Soviet post-communist countries. While parts of current discourses and institutional changes aim at strengthening national identities within the state, others stretch out beyond state borders to reach national minorities and diasporas afar. In addition, the project of European integration within the European Union has promoted a European identity premised upon universalist values as much as on national membership. Furthermore, cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitan identities have become an important discussion in the past years while it is still a matter of dispute to which degree these are part of national or European identity or whether these reach beyond. One crucial question here is whether cosmopolitan identities beyond the confines of European nation states are adequate (or sufficient) to define the boundaries of the political community.


Current research interest
Migration, transnationalization, social inequalities and citizenship in transnational perspective, urban issues and local transformations



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