Student Life

MA SES enrolls students from different cities, countries and regions of the world. Besides, many exchange students come from Europe every semester. You will be surrounded by brilliant classmates in a welcoming international atmosphere.

MA SES students have an active social life and participate in a lot of interesting events, such as trainings, workshops, discussions and excursions.

The Faculty of Sociology, where the MA SES program is taught, is situated in the centre of St. Petersburg, which gives a possibility to stay in the heart of the city life.

St. Petersburg is a large European city with outstanding architecture, suggestive monuments, beautiful churches, parks, water spaces and very intense cultural life. The World Travel Awards named St. Petersburg as the world’s best cultural destination of 2017.

Joint visits to museums, theaters and different cultural events is a part of our extracurricular activities (for example, Mariinsky Theatre, Hermitage, Erarta Museum). You will keep discovering new places and will never forget the amazing white nights and the drawbridges. For sure, you will come back to St. Petersburg again.
Sanjana Tewari, India: “I believe that MA SES programme is the best platform for studying European societies. St Petersburg is a beautiful city without any doubt, and talking about our faculty, well it’s situated at the best tourist location one could ask for. I have already started to learn Russian, because an add-on language never looks bad on the CV. After completing my graduation, I will be going for a PhD”.
Li Zibo, China: “After two years of studying at our Program, I felt that I am in love with this city, with the people here. The first days were tough as I had no background of sociology. However, with the selfless help of my classmates and the encouragement of the professors, I came through the difficulties. I would say that the atmosphere here is warm and relaxed, the teaching methods are well organized. Besides, this city, Saint Petersburg, shows its glamour. I enjoy my visits to different museums and parks. There are numerous tourist attractions in this city. I do recommend you to come to Saint Petersburg and study at our Program!”
Olga Gerasimova, Russia: “What I really enjoy here is that this Program allows to gain a unique experience of working with Russian and foreign professors. All our lecturers are active researchers with their own projects and, therefore, they are always open for questions and can give a helpful advice for students who are just at the very beginning of their academic path. What is even more, the Program has gathered together students with different backgrounds and scientific interests, what makes the atmosphere of our studying even more diversified and interesting”.
Kevin Cyron, Virginia, USA: “I feel the education I received at St. Petersburg State University through their Masters in European studies was very unique and special. To study the European political system while in Europe and talking with students from all over the world is something I would not find in a typical American classroom. Their depth of knowledge of their own countries as well as mine led to some really insightful conversations. I will always look back with fondness of the MA SES program and to my Russian friends!”

Melissa Rumao, India: “The atmosphere in the classroom is very friendly and comfortable as the teachers facilitate discussions with us as we sip on large mugs of coffee/tea and munch on cookies that our coordinator stocks up for us. The mind always works great with a full tummy! We are also located on a very scenic campus and that drives all the Monday blues right out of the window!”

Selen Gökçe Gökdemir, Германия:«St. Petersburg was the best experience ever. I fell in love with the city, the people and the language. Most importantly, I met so many inspiring people, whom I now call my friends. Studying MA SES in St. Petersburg broadened my horizon for which I will be eternally grateful».

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